April 4-7 2017 EUROEXPO LYON

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Trophées de l’Innovation

Innovation Awards

Sustainability, Digital tools, Industrial performance, New technologies ... four changing fields at the heart of manufacturing companies. This year, for the 15th consecutive time, INDUSTRIE will showcase the most innovative exhibitors in the categories initiated at Paris 2016.

  • What is the objective?
    They focus on the innovations that improve performance, productivity, and energy savings.
  • How does it work?
    The nominees are selected in the 4 categories during several rounds of meetings of the expert panel consisting of manufacturers and the specialized press. The winners will be revealed during INDUSTRIE’s Trophées de l’Innovation gala event
  • What are the 4 categories?

Recognizes the efforts by a company to offer goods and services that gradually reduce environmental impacts and the amount of natural resources needed in the life cycle of products, taking into account the well-being of users (eco-design, energy saving, ergonomics, human/machine interface ...).

Digital tools

Valorise l’entreprise qui propose à ses clients des solutions numériques pour optimiser la Showcases a company that offers its customers digital solutions to optimize industrial production: hand tools, software, cloud, connected objects, big data, information flow ... or any other solutions in common with the “Industry of the Future” program.

Industrial performance

Highlights solutions implemented by a company that offers its customers the best results to help them in terms of maintaining competitiveness (costs), adapting to market demands (responsiveness and timeframes), ensuring customer satisfaction (quality), and establishing sustainable profitability (productivity). 

New technologies

Promotes a company that uses one or more new technologies (drawn from R&D, digital solutions, other manufacturing sectors...) to create, develop, or improve a product, solution, or service for manufacturing production.

Recap of the 2016 edition

Read the interviews of the winners:

Vision Air in the Sustainability category

SPRING Technologies in the Digital tools category

Engineering Data in the Industrial performance category

Precise in the New Technologies category


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